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Welcome to J & K LLamas Landscape & Nursery

                           What should be happening in your yard? 

         po                     Pre-Emergent

 Is a product applied to flower beds, driveways, bare areas, lawns, and or landscape beds to prevent annual weeds from germinating. Weed seeds have two cycles-early and late. That said, a follow-up application should be put downin late February. If you have flower beds that reseed themselves (ie. marigolds, cosmos, alyssum, etc.) pre-emergent will keep them from germinating since they are annuals too-the product cannotdistinguish wanted seeds from unwanted. It comes in granular form- Apply it according to package directions.  However, after the product is applied, water must be sprayed to activate the pre-emergent.  Once wet down, it forms a gaseous barrier between the air and annual seeds that have "bedded" themselves in the soil and in between rocks. Pre-emergent only works on annual seeds so another product will need to be used on perennial weeds-like dandelions. Once pre-emergent has been applied, it should not be disturbed.

                              Horticultural Oil/ Dormant Spray

Works by adhering to the bare branches of trees and smothering over-wintering insect larvae. It is important to spray trees and shrubs before the buds swell. It must be used while the plant is dormant; otherwise damage will be done to the plant. By killing the insects now you will prevent early leaf damage in the spring. Horticultural Oil also treats over wintering diseases and fungus!This is what you want to use on your fruit trees or edible shrubs!  It is organic and does not pose a threat to future produce--Do not use tree and shrub systemic on your edibles--they suddenly become inedible.                                It is NOT to be used on evergreens.

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                                 Spring Maintenance

 With spring approaching so quickly, now is the time to start thinking about Spring Maintenance for your lawn, yard, and sprinkler system. With that being said, we want to remind you now is a good time to have your yard thatched, aerated, and fertilized.

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