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Welcome to J&K LLamas Landscape and Nursery

Locally owned and operated by Jerry and Kathy LLamas since 1988. Fully stocked nursery, unique gift shop and largest decorative rock yard. Fully licensed and insured lawn maintence and landscape company.

With these hot summer days, there is just a few things we would like to remind you of:

Fungus F

Powdery Mildew


Pest Control




Fungus is in full swing. If you are experiencing brown spots in your lawn that are still damp and growing daily treatment is needed. Treatment needs to be applied to your entire lawn and tools must be disinfected. Fungus is highly contagious. We offer F-Stop in liquid and granular form. Fungus is caused when the blades don’t have enough time to dry. To help prevent this you should avoid watering at night and when mowing, you should be mowing 3 inches in height.

Powdery Mildew is a form of fungus that appears on your shrubs, roses, trees and flowers. Keep an eye out especially on your roses and crabapples. Copper soap is a great organic product to use for treatment.

Pest are out of control this season. It is very important to keep a look out for those pest in your yard. If you have leaves curling, check inside and under leaves for bugs. Bugs can also be located on the stems of your plants. Aphids and spider mites are very popular this year. If organic is what you prefer, we have many products for treatment.

Deep watering is so important with this 100 degree weather we are having. If you have leaves turning brown from the outside in, it is a sign of not enough water. So be sure to water long a deep but avoid overhead watering. With the heat, overhead watering can cause foliage burn.


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